Big Trucks and Breakfast.

Some people like to stereotype Texas as a land of cowboys and rugged Marlboro man types.

I hate this idea. Yes, it’s part of our history. Legendary figures like General Sam Houston and Stephen F. Austin are prominent in the Texas pantheon of heroes. I’m proud of these men and the values that they espoused. They were took care of the Texans that were their people.

Nevertheless, this image has remained in popular culture so much that people still think we ride horses to work and wear ten-gallon hats. Those men do exist. We have plenty of ranches in Texas, but so do the states of Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. Simply put, this stereotype isn’t applicable to the all of the estimated 23,904,380 (estimated by the census bureau in 2007) people living in Texas and really only applies to very few of them.

That being said there ARE others who want nothing more than to embrace this ideal and make themselves over as the biggest cowpokes to ever ride a dually truck down the wide rivers of asphalt that crisscross our great state.

This is one of them

This is one of them

I can’t even fathom what would motivate someone to put snorkel exhaust on a pick-up truck in Suburban Houston. The sheer cost must be insane. The customization probably cost more than my car. Sometimes it’s hard to be a Texan and not want to kill everyone around you for the good of the REST of humanity.


On to other things. I wrote yesterday about my discovery of savory oatmeal.

I’m sticking with that. Today I was  abit low on pre-cooked oatmeal so I added brccoli, bean sprouts, onions and musrooms. It tasted great. How it looked…

not so great looking

not so great looking

But it was super tasty.

Looks should not deter you from eating something. Likewise just because something looks good doesn’t mean it is.

American food producers and restaurants spend billions of dollars on advertising to make associations in our brain so that we falsely think something tastes good even when it doesn’t. I was hooked on hamburgers and fast food for years. I also watched lots of television. There’s certainly a correlation with the amount of advertising you consume and the amount of junk you put into your mouth.