My First Short Mead

So this is the first post in a long time on a topic I’ve never touched although my very username intimates that I might one day cover it.

I’ve got my brewing supplies ready for my first short mead. I’ve made mead before. It’s the only thing I brew. However, I’ve always made traditonal long brew, slow age meads. These things take time. I’ve been a mead brewer or mazer, which is the correct term, for about 4 years. I’ve brewed three batches. This is mostly because of space. I have a small one-gallon set-up and I don’t have room for lots of completed bottles hanging around but I can never bring myself to open a bottle because then it’s open and must be consumed in a relatively short amount of time.

So I have come up with a solution to my hobby’s annoying quirks. I’ll be bottling in beer bottles to create smaller portions and to overcome the extended time it takes to ferment and age I’ll be brewing a new style of mead: Short or quick mead.

The difference between standard mead and short mead is the type of yeast you use. I’m using an English Ale yeast instead of the champagne yeast I had used in the past. This will process like a beer, in about 2-3 weeks followed by another couple of weeks of aging and in the bottle and we’ll have a drinkable mead, I hope.

If it works out I’ll be starting a ligonberry melomel using the same process before my birthday. Heck I could do one of these every six weeks or If I invest in a couple more jugs I could do 3 at a time. I currently have three one gallon cider-style jugs. I could feasibly do two batches a time with just that but I like to have two extra jugs for racking purposes. I’m guessing on a rack about 2 weeks in and letting it go for another week.

Thanks for reading.