About the writer

I’m a Buddhist, Vegan, Husband, and Dad. I’m also a leftest, Progressive, Liberal, Pinko. I’m okay with that.

I believe strongly that we, as a nation, have lost our way and abandoned the values we once held. I hold the 20th century at fault, but all is not lost. There are those who believe that the American Way is alive and well and that we can once again embrace our shared values of liberty, responsibility, and duty to our community, nation and world.

I believe freedom of religion, in truth as well as lip service, will once again become the norm rather than the exception. I believe we will once again come to the understanding that we are a nation founded on equality and freedom and will discard the misguided attempts to impose Christian morality through legislation.

I’m an aspiring attorney. I’m currently attending an American Bar Association accredited paralegal program. I intend to work as a paralegal for the next fews years until my wife finishes her engineering degree. Then on to law school for me.

My dream is to build my own home with no mortgage on land that I own and use to grow my own food. I want to build it from the very land and make it a part of the land. I want to use my eventual skills as an attorney to help others do this, as well.

I believe that eating meat is killing our people. Our meat is tainted with toxins and hormones not intended by Nature for our consumption. I also believe that the best thing you personally can do for the environment is to stop eating meat. It will do more to reduce your footprint than buying that sleek new Prius.

I love my wife and I love my son. Everything I do is for them and for everyone else. Compassion for others guides me and happiness infuses my everyday life.

Life should be joy filled. If your life is not, get a new one. and


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