A View from the Driver’s Seat

My wife recently posted this, and it was grand.


I do feel like I’m driving the “get healthy and trim" bandwagon these days.


However, it feels more like a big body 1950s era convertible. It wasn’t long ago I had a crisis of faith, if you will.


My weight stayed pretty stable around 370 most of the Summer. This was a major bummer. That wasn’t intended to rhyme, but it did, look at that!

Now it's going down again. I'm happy about this but I'm no longer doubtful about my success in any way. I've turned a corner.

The fat me is in the rearview mirror. The more he recedes the more I can see the road in front of me instead of the fog of history and failures of the past that had clung to me. 

Now, I know that NOTHING has changed, and everything has. 

I now see he benefit of going "all the way."

I'm not looking forward to the next ten pounds anymore (though I am more on that in a bit) I'm looking to the healthy me at the completion of this phase of my life.

I will be a normal BMI. I have no doubt of that. Not only that but one day, and one day soon, I will be a marvel of good health. I really already am, other than my blood pressure. Even that I'm not terribly worried about as it will most likely go down when my dairy intake disappears. Why am I confident of this?  

Watch Forks Over Knives, then come back…I'll wait.

Done? Okay, good. Now that we are on the same page: My blood pressure will decrease on it's own once my dairy intake can be discontinued.

I look forward to good, no, Outstanding health, in years to come. I will not settle for less than outstanding health. After all, I know how to gt there and I you can join there as well. 

As for the next ten pounds: When I hit 100 pounds lost, I'm getting a Nook Touch. I've waffled on an eReader for years. I even had a Kindle for a short, turbulent period but it, like so many things from that time in my life, was nothing more than an illusion. The Nook is the best eInk has to offer. Yes, it's extravagant, but my wife suggested it and my therapist approves.

So, I'm driving down Route 66 to Healthytown. 

Wanna come? There's plenty of room. It seats about 20 so come along and bring your jukebox money.

Me less 90 pounds,

*J. Andy Lambert*

Dad and Husband.

Unitarian Universalist Zen Buddhist.

Blogger: Zen Chalice & The Transforming Man

Lax Vegan.


Home Brewer

Alive, Awake, Alert, Enthusiastic!

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