Reflections on Impermanence


Self-identifying as a Zen Buddhists means I'm often asked about Japan.

I long have had a love-hate relationship with the island nation as I really don't care for Japanese pop culture, but I admire and respect it's deep cultural roots and it's vertical integration with Buddhism.

I find most commonality with Zen but it is, by far, not  the most populous sect in Japan. That would fall to Shin or possibly the combined Nicheren schools.

I digress.

Some have said this tragedy is sad. 

I completely agree.

Any loss of life is sad. Any suffering is sad. 

There are millions of senseless deaths every year.

What the earthquake and tsunami do is underscore the impermanence that people like to forget or ignore.

It's strange in a country so tied to Buddhist thought and Practice that there are temples that have stood for 1000 years.

I'm not saying the Japanese aren't seeing this perspective. I'm pretty sure if all the temples around the country were leveled they would rebuild them and they will do the same with the roads and villages and lives that have been leveled by the multiple devastating events.

Send your prayers, Metta meditations, renewal rituals or simply good vibrations to the Japanese.

If you can, donate to the international Red Cross.

Japan will be okay, in time, all things are impermanent, even tragedy and heartache.

Cross-posted @ Houston Belief.

In Gassho.

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