Alive, Awake…

So it’s Monday.

It’s also a Federal Holiday. My son is out of school. My wife is out
of school and work.

Yet here I sit at my desk. I’m still coughing my head off.

I could have called in sick. I know it’s a light day with many of our
customers closed for the MLK Holiday.

However, my coworker only works half-days now since she started
nursing school. They haven’t hired anyone to replace her. So it’s just
me and my boss on my beat, as it were. It’s too much work, even on a
light day, for one person. So I’m effectively stuck coming in no
matter my condition or lack of enthusiasm.

So…What’s my point?

These are the cards I am dealt. I can cry about it and bemoan the
injustice of being at work or I can embrace the moment; this moment,
in which I happen to be sitting at my desk at work.

Accepting what comes as what comes is my Practice, every day, in every moment.

I may not always sit, but I do Practice


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