On Balance… Wait. What’s that?


It's something we all seek, right? Equilibrium. The stillness of being and the calmness of mind to make clear decisions.

There are enemies of this mind state.



Polarizing Politics. 

Viewpoints and beliefs. 

These are the enemies of Balanced mind. 

Viewpoints and beliefs, you ask?

Indeed. When I believe in something I invest part of my ego in that idea. It's part of my illusory self now. Don't attack it or I will get angry and lose the logical ability to think clearly and I will eventually devolve into calling you a stupid-head.

This is why I believe in nothing. Nothing, Lebowski.

Oh I have an ethos, despite what Walter said. I have a guiding moral principle defined by the precepts and the eightfold path. I don't believe in these things. Rather they make logical clear sense and they obviously contribute to a balanced mindstate in which I can make good decisions. 

For example, Last night I drank a beer and it clouded my mind. 1 stinking beer, but it was there nevertheless I felt the difference and I did not like it. I didn't even really enjoy the beer  all that much.

What am I rambling about??

The shooting in Arizona, partially. I wasn't going to write about this, either. 

Nate's post and Kyle's Post prompted me to add my voice to the chorus urging moderation instead of blame. It's all well and good to assign blame to this diseased man. He obviously did the nasty deed. 

However, we must also all take our share of the blame. 

What?? ! How are you and I to blame?

Well if you're sitting in the Outback of Australia or the cold North of Canada, you aren't. But if you live where I live in these United States…you are part of the problem. You, like I, have accepted the divisive rhetoric of outspoken nimrods like Beck and Maher. Some have spoken out against. But our voices are quiet.

The silent majority who watch in horror as the national discussion is dominated by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck and I know there are militant Left wingers but they're just under the radar, more. I can only think of James Carville and Bill Maher and I had to Goggle to get those.

I'm not either. Both "sides" are crazy and dualistic. Policy should be made because it's good policy not because it fits some agenda or platform. It's just stupid to run a country based on ideals instead of reality and that's what's been happening in the USA for the past 30 years and it needs to stop. 

So. It's time to stand up and say I'm an American and you're an American and I don't care what you do in your house or with your family so long as it doesn't hurt anyone or infringe upon the rights of others you are welcome to keep on keeping on.

In the end we just need to take the advice of The Dude: 

Take 'er Easy.

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