The other side of the coin

Although impermanence does suck it's not always true.

I was thinking on my drive-in this morning about how nice a day it was.

I wasn't nice yesterday,even though it was.

The traffic was bad, but then it wasn't.

I sat down at my desk and it's Monday and I'm in early so I can leave early today. 

Except that it's not Monday it's just right now.

Impermanence is what it is.

It can seem bad when we grasp at something. We want it to last forever.

There were good times with my wife. There were great times. There bad times.

Either way those times are this time. Not right now.

Right now there is only right now.

And right now I'm hopeful and I'm fine.

And I will be in every moment to come. Even those that seem "bad" at the time.

In Gassho.

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