Kensho is Not Myth

So I always though kensho, instants of clear understanding of the
suchness of the Absolute world around us, was a zen-fairy tale. A
fable concocted and propagated to keep us on the cushion and moving
through he boundless Dharma Gates on our way to the place we began and
the place we’ve always been: the role of the Dharma-protector saving
all beings, the Bodhisatva we’ve always been and are right now.

It turns out, I was dead wrong.

Last night as I sat holding the hand and looking into the beautiful
eyes of my beloved it struck me like a bolt of lightning.

I reeled for a moment. In that split second I perceived the truth of
the non-dual nature of the Absolute. It was amazing. It was almost as
amazing as my date with my beloved last night.

It was one of the best days of my life. Hands down. The day I got
married. The day my son was born. Yesterday. Those aren’t rankings,
all equal to me.

The kensho has almost nothing to do with why yesterday was one of the
best days of my life but it did conditionally arise as a result of the
events going on in my life and the teachings of non-duality. Sojun Mel
Weitsman Roshi planted the seed with his amazing Dharmatalk last
Saturday and yesterday some of them bloomed in the mud of my life.

I know what you’re thinking. I never bought the line about kensho
either. It sounds like utter BS. All I can say is that is what it is
and when it happens you know.

The Dharma is in the world around. You can sit on your cushion for
days and weeks and never see the Dharma. When you receive the
Buddhadharma it ripens in its own time. It might on the cushion. It
might be on your morning walk. It might be stuck in traffic. Sometimes
conditions arise that provide a moment of clarity.

They key, as my friend Blake said to me, is to put it down and move
on. Life continues. Practice continues.

In Gassho.


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