Opportunities to practice

Traffic. Some days it's good. Some days it's bad. Some days I see awesomeness like a early 1980s suburban custom painted (not professionally, mind you) with this awesome orange and black hawk design.
Monday it was really bad. Like MOPAC in in Austin bad. Like 405 in LA bad. I wasn't angry I wasn't even irritated. I faced it with equanimity. It was traffic but it wasn't good or bad.
Everyday is like that day. No day is bad. No day is good. Every day just is.
You don't even need to decide that it's bad or that's its good. Some days can be challenging, but are they bad days? Not necessarily. That's a judgement call I'm not prepared to make anymore. When my wife asks me how work is I say work is work. I used to layer that with thick sarcasm but I've notice it starting to dissipate through no real action or decision of my own.
My formal practice is inconstant. But it does happen. I chant when I have time. I sit on the days when it fits into my schedule. I visit the HZC when I can. 
I take opportunities to practice when they arise. Some days they never come. Some days I pass up opportunities. Some days my practice is typing at keyboard. Some days it's sitting zazen. Some days it's driving in my car.
What is, is. 
In Gassho,

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