Mindful What??

So I watched Astro Boy with my son, yesterday. It was good, amazingly enough.
As I watched the credits roll I had a thought: "What did that say?" As this thought rolled across the void of my mind I realized that it was the first one I'd had in about 90 minutes.
Then the inevitable question popped up. Is this a result of practice or is it a form of practice? In other words is is possible to make "entertainment" a Practice? I know that I didn't have any thoughts during the film. However there were emotions, but that's true of zazen as well. More emotions than thoughts.
It's just a strange connection. This is why we all need teachers. I suppose I'll soon need to resume the search for one. Perhaps one of the Five Mountain Order will take me as a student.
Oh and hi! I've missed you guys. My brain has been on overload. My boss has been on vacation since Thursday before last and she won't return until this Wednesday. There's only three of us in our department and we answer phones, e-mails, and research customer issues for three primary cities and a multitude of remote locations across Texas, California, Colorado and the greater Southwest. Let's just say I've been stressed out. I'd like to say I've sat with it and been fine, but, instead, I stopped sitting and rebeled against Practice of any sort.
Dumb, huh? Well, only way to go is forward.
Onward and Upward.
In Gassho.

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