Mindful Entertainment

I've noticed lately that so many of my friends & colleagues spend hours and hours entertaining themselves.
I question when they have time, myself!
However, beyond the question of where the time for such comes from I've been thinking about how I would like to spend my time. I sometimes consider video games. I sued to spend hours and hours on such things. I still enjoy a good story and I have a life-long love-affair with pointy-eared man in green, but I don''t find myself drawn to them as I once did. I'm even questioning the hoops I'll have to jump through to get the new one when it comes out later this year (buy a wii for one), but I digress.
I've found that more and more I'm mindful of how I spend time. This began at work because I have a tendency to goof off even when there's work to be done. I'm so use to excelling at anything I do that I procrastinate with the understanding that I'll power through the work in the last hour of the day. I've notice that this doesn't happen so much anymore and I began to pay more attention to how I spend my time throughout the day.
This naturally led to higher attention levels at home. How do I spend my evenings? Well 40% of it is spent wrangling my son, making sure he's bathed and has his homework done and gets into bed at a reasonable hour. About 55% of my evening is spent cooking, eating dinner, making lunches, putting away food and cleaning up the kitchen. The other 5% varies night to night. I try to sit zazen with the Online Meditation Crew at 9 PM, but I sometimes miss it with kp duty running over. Other than that I might spend 30 minutes reading blogs or noodling on Facebook and twitter and generally reading Buddhist/random schtuff on-line. I might spend 10-20 minutes reading my book du jour, right now that's Mindful Eating by Dr. Jan Chozen Bays.
My wife has long been a critic of TV. She insisted that we not have a TV in our bedroom, and I agreed. I think it's improved our marriage in some ways.
There will be movies, TV, and video games in our future. It's ok to have these things. The key is practice mindfulness. What would be the best use of your time? Playing through a game with your son for 30 minutes probably isn't going to hurt him or you, so long as you are aware of the time that passes and present in the moment that it does.

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