Houston..We have Buddhism

So as I've mentioned before, I'm trying to create an exhaustive list of all the Buddhist Sanghas/sitting groups/study groups in the greater Houston/Galveston Bay Area. There are a few I need more information on such as the new Empty Field Zendo in League City and I know I'm missing about 5-10 (at least) Asian ethnic Buddhist groups. Help me to fill in the gaps. Soon I'll have a google map with all these addresses once I figure how to embed one into the page.
Here's What I have so far:
Tradition/School: Japanese Soto Zen
Lineage – Suzuki Roshi
Teacher: Setsuan Gaylyn Godwin Sensei
1605 Heights Boulevard
Houston, TX 77008
West Houston Zen Center
Tradition/School: Korean Seon (Zen)
Lineage: Zen Master Dae Gak, dharma-heir to Seung Sahn
Teacher: Dae Mun
1357 Bunker Hill Road
Houston, TX 77055
Tradition/School:  Chinese/Tawainese Chan (Zen)
Lineage: Grand Master Wei Chueh
Teacher: Venerable Master Jian Zong
12129 Bellaire Boulevard
Houston, TX 77072
(281) 568-1568
Tradition/School: Chinese Mahayana/Pure Land
Lineage: multiple
Teachers: Abbot Rev. Hung-I, Rev. Jiang Hai
6969 Westbranch Drive
Houston, TX 77072-2163
Tradition/School: Tibetan-Nyingma
Lineage: Khetsun Sangpo Rinpoche
Teacher: Anne Carolyn Klein (Rigzin Drolma)
1925 Richmond Avenue
Houston, TX 77098-3401
(713) 630-0354

Tradition/School: Tibetan

Lineage: Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Teacher: Lay directors Celeste Budwit-Hunter and Jeanne Higgs

7915 Westglen Dr.

Houston, TX 77063

(281) 686-5176


Clear Lake Diamond Way 

Tradition/School: Tibetan-Karma Kagyu
Lineage: 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje
Teacher: none local/peer led
1609 Dakota Street
League City, TX 77573
(281) 686-6821


Tradition/School: Tibetan-Karma Kagyu
Lineage: 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje
Teacher: none local/peer led
5102 Center Street
Houston, Texas 77007
Lineage: N/A
Teacher: various
3465 West Alabama
Houston, Texas 77027

(713) 622-6181
Myoken-ji temple
Tradition/School: Japanese Mahaya/Nichiren Shu
Lineage: Nichiren Order of North America
Teacher: Myokei Caine Barrett Shonin
4360 Graduate Circle 
Houston, TX 77004
Tradition/School: Nichiren Soshu
Lineage: Nichiren Shonin
1640 W. Alabama St.
Houston Tx 77006
713.529.5004  (Temple)
808.781.3601  (Cell)
Houston Buddhist Vihara
Tradition/School: Theravada
Lineage: unknown
Teacher: Ven. Bhante Pannila Ananda Thero
8727 Radio Road,
Texas 77075
Tradition/School: Theravada/ Thai Forest
Lineage: Ajahn
Teacher: Phra Ajahn Ken Kamalo
6007 Spindle Dr.
Houston, TX, 77086

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