The Houston Buddhist Sangha Locator Project & Life Changes…

So I'm working on a new pofect for the BayouCityBuddhist Blog. I'm going to try and list every Buddhist group in Houston in one place. Right now I'm looking for WEbsite, Tradition/School, Lineage, Teacehr and a contact address and phone numbers.
My wife suggested that I should go and visit them and take a picture of the place to help people find it. Even better if I can take picture of the teacher or a monastic at the Temple/Center.
I'm going to have a seperate tab on The BayouCityBuddhist Posterous site and I'm going to have an intial post with all of the basic information I've culled from the interent. From there. I'll just post updates to both the site and the Posterous & networked sites.
As to why there's been very few updates:
Last weekend we finally got moved into the city. We actually live in the City of Houston instead of rural Fort Bend County. I cna say that the drive home ahs been fabulous 20 minutes WITH traffic. It is as little as 14 minutes with no traffic and catching the lights right.
It's also wonderful being surrounded by grocery stores and shopping options. What hasn't been great is that our AC is still not cooling below the 80s. So it's not unbearable just hot enough to make us miserable.

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