Houston Vegan Eats, Part 2 – Aztecas

I should have titled this post: Aztecas: Not worth all the hype.

That would be a little mean but not untrue, certainly.

It should be noted that we went on the busiest night of the year for a Mexican restaurant: Cinco de Mayo. This was not my idea. My wife likes to celebrate the faux holiday, so we do.

The service was great, all things consider. I got three refills in the two hours or so that we were there. That was a Herculean effort on our server’s part. We never got chips, but that’s, once again, understandable. We also had 7 people who came in at staggered times.

My issue was the food. I had Vegan fajitas. I expected: lots of onions, peppers, and mushrooms. I got a sizzling platter of raw broccoli, carrots, squash, red onion, white onion and bell peppers. There were a few shreds of CANNED mushrooms. yuck. The veggies were warm from the platter but only the ones at the bottom were ever anywhere near cooked and the seasoning was very light and almost undetectable.

The waiter was unaware that the plate came with rice and refried beans so I paid $5 extra for a side of rice and black beans, which came in a bowl of soup. I despise bean soups. If I wanted to drink my beans I would put them in a blender.

The rice and refried beans were good, though I doubt the veganess of the beans. The black beans were good once I fished them out of the watery mess they were floating in. The vegetables were weird and not very tasty but once plied with beans and rice I could eat them.

My wife had the spinach enchiladas. There was a strange bitter taste to the filling. There was something in there besides spinach. The red sauce was bland and virtually flavorless.

The margaritas were strong and well-mixed. The flavored ones were especially enjoyed by the members of our party. The omni-eaters among us seemed to like the food. They all said it was about “average” which in Houston is pretty darn good.

All in all the service was good. The food was hot. The prices were average for Mexican, non-Taqueria food. he Vegan food was not something to write home about. Fajitas do NOT have carrots in them. We’ll give it another try and get some of the more recommended items such as the taco salad or the mushroom tacos, on a different night.

One other thing: It’s the 21st century, if restaurants in my hometown of less than 20,00 can afford computers cash registers, you can too. Don’t make your wait staff take the time to split all that crap by hand. You’re probably losing money out the door to mistakes.


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