Adventures in Vegan Barbecue, ad infinitum

So I live in Texas and if there is one thing I love, it’s barbecue.

So when the wife and I went vegan we were faced with a dilemma: how do we get our barbecue fix?

We’ve come with a couple of solutions.

1. Barbecue beans. Yup, these are pretty much baked beans but since we try to limit out intake of sugar, especially the bone-char filtered kind and it’s hard to know which brands of refined sugar use that, we uses dates and honey as sweeteners and various other barbecue sauce ingredients.

2. Grilled food of the Mexican variety was also a big part of our diet we had fajitas at least two or three times a month all year round. AS such I wanted to find a vegan version. Portobello mushrooms do nicely marinated just as I would have chicken or beef. They come out succulent and meaty.

3. Marinated Tofu. To be honest I haven’t tried this one. Mike at leafygreen info gave me the idea. He raved about it and I’m looking forward to trying it.

Speaking of leafygreen info…I recently won a Twitter giveaway from the folks at this font of green product information. I need to get pictures of the cornucopia of stuff I received. A short list includes ethletic sandals, an ooba t-shirt, simple eco sneaks, a mophead made of recyceld PET bottles, a hat from save the rainforest, and an awesome Splaff El Presidente wallet.

Oh and there was a ton of naturally sweetened lollipops that my son is working his way through of various brans and flavors. Oh and a journal made of elephant poo.

All in all quite a haul. I had to find homes for the shoes as they were too small for me and too big for my wife.

Check out Leafygreen Info for tons of great product reviews and information on green products of all sorts, tell Mike I sent you. You won’t win anything but at least you’ll be friendly!

That’s it for today, kiddies. Two days until my birthday.


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